Terms and Conditions

The app allows you to view and download a copy of the material posted on the app for your own use only and not for commercial purposes. The use of the app is permitted only by your side and you cannot rent, lease, lend or transfer the application or any of the information it contains or any of your rights under this agreement to any other party. You are not allowed to transfer any part of the information in the app or that is scheduled in the app and you are entitled to store it only after you have written permission from the app.

You must maintain all copyright, trademark and all proprietary notices contained in the original material in any copy of it. You are not entitled to sell, modify, reproduce, view, distribute, transfer, publish, license or create works derived from any material or content contained in the application. The use of the material in any other application or in a shared computer environment is problematic for any prohibited purpose. You will not copy or use html codes that the app builds to create their pages.

The application may review these terms and conditions at any time when this notification is updated. You should visit this page periodically to read the terms and conditions of your use of the app.

By publishing any public or non-public content of the app, you will grant the application and its affiliates the full and exclusive right to use, reproduce, re-adopt, publish, translate, produce derived works, distribute them to the public, distribute the entire content or part of it internationally and/or combine it with other works in any way, whether in the media or in the use of a technology that is now or otherwise developed for the full duration of any of the right contained in that content. You guarantee that the person who owns any rights, including the moral rights to a content, will be fully and effectively waived. It will allow any other subscriber to access, view, store and reproduce any content for private use. The owner’s retention of content posted on the app is subject to all rights that exist in that content.

App Security Rules
It prevents users from breaching or attempting to breach the security of this application, which includes without exception:

Access to information that is not intended for the user or access to a server or account that the user is not allowed to access;
Attempt to detect, survey or test the vulnerability of the system or network or to breach the security system verification standards without proper authorization;
Attempt to interfere with the service to any user by sending unwanted mail or to mine the application with viruses and other methods;
Send unsolicited emails containing advertisements for some products and promoting them;
Falsifying any protocol or any part of the information in an e-mail. Tcp / ip
Breaches of the system or security system of the network may result in the criminalization of the perpetrator civilianly.

Particularly prohibited use
The app is used only for legitimate purposes by users looking for educational opportunities, courses and capacity building you guarantee and agree that you will not use the app (or plan, incite or assist others to use it) for any purpose or in any manner prevented by these terms, restrictions, notices or Applicable laws. The app in particular prohibits any use of the app and users must agree not to use the app for any of these purposes:

Post any incomplete, false or inaccurate information about themselves in their resumes or about yourself.
Publish or broadcast any content that you do not have the right to republish, view or broadcast under any law or contractual or trust-based relationships (e.g. undisclosed contracts).
Publish any privileges, pyramid schemes, club memberships or any agreement with a sales agency or any business opportunity that requires payment in advance or on a periodic basis, which in turn requires the hiring of other employees, branch distributors or branch agents.
Publish or broadcast any advertising, promotional material, e-mails or other unsolicited material or any non-biographical information such as opinions, notices and other material.
Delete or review any material posted by any other company or person.
Use any tool or program to intervene or attempt to interfere with the operation of the application or any activity performed on this application.
Taking any action that exposes the application’s infrastructure to an unnecessary load is too stressed.
Sharing a password enables you to access non-public places of the app with another party or use this password for an illegal offer.
Use any engine, program or any other means (including spiders, browsers and other means) to browse the application or search it other than the search engines and saved sensors provided by the application.
Try to decrypt, break up, or reassemble and reassemble any of the programs that make up the app or part of it.
Broadcast, publish, distribute any illegal, harmful, offensive, immoral, morally offensive or offensive content to another person or entity.
Publish or broadcast any harmful content containing malicious software such as viruses and others aimed at harming or interfering, receiving or taking possession of any system or information in a fraudulent manner.
Delete any author’s instructions or legal notices, proprietary aids that you attach to the correspondence. Q) Using the correspondence provided by the application in a way that affects the availability of its sources or negatively affects its users. Such as (using english capital letters which gives the meaning of shouting out loud or sending text frequently).
Attach, publish or broadcast any content or use the application in the manner of any patent, trademark, other property rights or the secret of a profession owned by any party or inbreach of the personal rights of any third party.
Responding to any opportunity to teach or work advertised on the application for any purpose other than to apply for opportunity and communications against other parties, whether business owners, other employers or competitors, is prohibited.
Resell or transfer your duties or rights in these terms and conditions.
Violation of any laws in force in this agreement, whether domestic, national, and international.
User information
As part of your registration on the app, you will be asked to provide the app with certain information about you that guarantees, without exception your email (your information). You also agree that the app will share the aggregate information available in your registration request on an anonymous basis where the app will not disclose your name, address, email address or phone number without your prior consent. The application reserves the right to provide its services and products to you and others based on the preferences you have chosen during your registration and at any time after which, including offers made by the application or other parties.

The application will have a negative role in the distribution of user-provided publications and will not monitor those materials. If the application is brought to the attention of a user who claims that there are materials that do not comply with these conditions and restrictions, the application may verify these claims and will make a decision in good faith to delete that material or demand that it be deleted. The app is not responsible for the actions that the perpetrators do to other users. The application reserves the right to expel users and prevent them from accessing the application when violating these conditions and restrictions or the law, b) deleting illegal posts and s- etc. D exposes it to the issue or may result in the application losing part of or all of the services you receive from ISPs or other providers.
Registration and password
You are responsible for keeping your information and password confidential. The results of all the uses and activities resulting from using your password will be borne regardless of whether they are licensed by you. You agree to notify the app immediately if you use your password or register unauthorizedly. The app will not be responsible for the loss or destruction caused by the unauthorized use of your password and registration.